The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People

Tracking the Spiral

With the Black Spiral ambush taken care of, the League of Extraordinarily Gifted People gets the ritual components from Affryl, the store keeper of the Moonlight Nexus. Affryl also recommends they check the library at the White Lotus Academy for more information on Ithmong. Biri flew to the Wite Lotus Academy as fast as her wings would take her. Once there, Headmaster Marovic helped her discover that Ithmong was indeed an underground Illithid city that lay beneath an old human settlement just north of Theos’ Marsh. Dahalia carried out the scrying ritual on the The Black Godstone and witnessed the angelic woman taking it to a hag to have it enchanted to prevent further scrying. Not the best of news.

The party set sail from Port Ollington and found the Black Spiral Society’s landing dock near Theos’ Marsh and set fire to the boat that was docked there. In time they found the ruins of the old human town, under which Ithmong (or hopefully, it’s ruins) is supposed to lay. Through the crypts, the League has discovered passages that lead deeper and deeper below the earth, and that is where we have left off.



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