Throne of Power

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A card game played with magically enchanted cards created by the Wizards of the Northern Coast Publishing Company. Players purchase random sets of cards that have a number on each side, representing the card’s “power” on that side. Two players take turns setting cards down on a 3×3 grid. If player A places a card next to a card controlled by player B, player A get’s a chance to take control of that card. The cards “battle” with the numbers on the sides of the cards that touch each other. If player A’s newly placed card has a higher number on the touching side than the number on the touching side of player B’s card, player A takes control of player B’s card. If the newly placed card has a lower number than a card already on the grid, nothing happens. When a card is placed, it can take any number of adjacent cards.


Each player enters the game with 5 cards from their collection. Each spot on the grid is numbered (1-9.) At the beginning of a match, a ten-sided die is rolled to determine which spot is made the “Throne of Power”. If a 10 is rolled, then there is no throne of power." A card that occupies the throne of power gets a +1 bonus on all four sides.


There are currently two special card types. Cascading cards have a triangular icon on them. When a cascading card takes control of another card, that card then captures any cards it would if it were being played this turn.

Scrying cards allow their player to choose two cards in the opposing players hand and then look at them. Scrying cards are marked with an eye symbol.


After every spot on the grid is occupied, the player with more cards under their control is the winner. Most commonly, the winner gets to choose any one card belonging to the loser that is captured at the end of the game. Variants grant the victor every card that is captured or even every card that was played.

Throne of Power

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