Poobli is said to be the oldest living city on the Northern Coast. It was founded roughly 500 years ago, upon a hill alongside the Silveng river and surrounded by fertile earth. A nearby vein of silver insured the founding manor gave birth to a town. Early on, Poobli was the home of Estered who would become a saint of the god Ioun. Pilgrims come to Poobli still, to pay homage to her tomb, said to exist under her statue in Estered Square. The trek from Berenthia or Lurai to The Northern Coast is long and dangerous, The Northern Coast itself can be at times, harrowing. It wasn’t very long ago the region was plagued by Goblinoids who pillaged outlying settlements. Although those creatures were driven away, some fear that something will undoubtedly step in their place.


Poobli has a population of roughly 4,000 within its walls, although nearly another thousand are thought to live in the hamlets and farmland surrounding Poobli. The majority of Poobli’s population is human. The next largest group is Halflings, followed by Dwarves. Elves and Tieflings make up most of the tiny population after that. Only a few member of the following races live in Poobli: Gnomes, Eladrin, Dragonborn, Half-Orcs and Hob-Goblin.

Poobli thrives during the summer months when pilgrims come to pay tribute to Estered. Poobli supplies itself with food and sells some of its harvest to nearby towns. Cheese from Poobli is famous among turophiles and is sold to merchants in Port Ollington taking it to the empires of the South, Those who don’t farm usually take up supporting positions in the militia, masonry, tannery, blacksmith, temples, stables, taverns, or woodshops. Outside of such professions, folks have niche positions (artists, alchemists, archeologists, beauticians, chefs, musicians, cartographers, goldsmiths, etc…) There is also the White Lotus Academy a few miles outside of the city.


Poobli is autonomously governed by a Lord Gerent, currently Lord Gerent Taliver Gulrond. The title of Lord Gerent is largely passed down hereditarily, though not strictly. It has been passed to trusted advisors or proteges of the Lord Gerent on a handful of occasions. Taliver recieved the title from his mother, Diara Gulrond. The Lord Gerent commands the Town Guards, controls taxes on residents, which pays for local services. The Lord Gerent owns much of the farmland and earns much of its profits. He is not considered immutable however, as a panel of councilmen see over some of the city’s minutia and can block decisions by the Lord Gerent with a unanimous vote.

Places of Interest

Estered’s Square: Paved in cobblestones and dominated by the worn statue of Estered’s robed form, the square is the center of the town’s activity. When not playing host to a festival, it functions as a market. Poobli’s major businesses ring the square, and traders set up stalls in the area. There is a notice board here where citizens post all manner of requests and news.

Mindspire: Locals claim this ancient temple of Ioun stood long before the town did. Its old stones, covered in strange sigils just hidden by the ivy, suggest some truth to its legends. Multicolored pieces of glass in a rainbow of colors peek out from the mortar so when the sun hits it, the temple sparkles. Two massive brass doors serve as its only entrance, and inside is a massive amphitheater around a central pit where a worn altar stands. Priestess Deirdre has recently taken up residence here, seeing to the Mindspire for the time being.

Castle Criswell: Rivaling the old temple of Ioun, Castle Criswell stands on a sharp rise overlooking the southern branch of the Chill. A fifty-foot tower dominates the castle, and the colors of Poobli fly from its conical roof. The lord gerent’s standard depicts a rearing brown bear flanked by two downward-pointing swords. The rest of the castle consists of a two-story house and two smaller outbuildings used as servants’ quarters and a garrison, surrounded by a low curtain wall.

Guild District: Three powerful guilds—The Bakers, Carpenters, Ironworkers, and Tanners—control the town’s industry. Each guild oversees a variety of related industries, and they set the prices in the town. They place representatives near the Lord Gerent to ensure the noble remembers who pads his coffers and often run campaigns for positions on the town council. The streets are narrow and choked with people throughout the day but quiet at night.

Town Hall: Facing the square, the town hall is a building of wood and stone roofed in slate shingles. Narrow windows look out over the square. Most of this building consists of the audience hall, where commoners voice grievances to the Lord Gerent, do business, and hold town
meetings. Weddings are common here as well.

Low District: Although definitely home to Poobli’s poorer citizens, this district holds the homes of commoners who work in the market or Guild District. Not destitute by any means, folk here are content with their simple lives. The Low district is also home to the headquarters of The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People as well as the renown Laughing Dragon Pub, where many forms of entertainment are hosted, such as the card game Throne of Power.


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