Taliver Gulrond

Lord and Keeper


A somewhat paunchy 62-year-old man that carries an air of seriousness and likability. He is the current Lord Gerent of the township of Poobli.


Taliver Gulrond is the Lord Gerent of Poobli and is the last in a line of protectors of The Black Godstone, and may be the first to have failed in that task. Taliver is a generally well-liked ruler, a fact that kept him in power during a recent movement started by the local business guilds to remove the title of Lord Gerent from Poobli’s government.

The title of Lord Gerent is largely passed down hereditarily, though not strictly. It has been passed to trusted advisors or Proteges of the Lord Gerent on a handful of occasions. Taliver recieved the title from his mother, Diara Gulrond. The Lord Gerent commands the Town Guards, controls taxes on residents, which pays for local services. The Lord Gerent owns much of the farmland and earns much of its profits, although in times of need these crops are used to feed the people. He is not considered immutable however, as a panel of councilmen see over some of the city’s minutia and can block decisions by the Lord Gerent with a unanimous vote.

Taliver Gulrond

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