Amara (a.k.a. Festaud I'llSook)

A succubus who posed as a decadent young human lord.


Amara’s devilish appearance was usually magically concealed so that she would appear as one of her alter-egos.


Amara was a succubus and a crucial member of the Black Spiral Society with a tendency to indulge in convoluted schemes. The task given to her by the society was to find out the location of The Black Godstone from the Lord Gerent Taliver Gulrond. To that end, she took the identity of a decadent human nobleman by the name of Lord Festaud Ill’Sook.

Amara was killed at a dinner party by The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People.

Amara (a.k.a. Festaud I'llSook)

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