The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People

Through the Feywild

Victorious, the league stepped through the portal into the Feywild and became the first souls to leave The Nentir since its isolation began. They then found themselves in the middle of a vast forest, completely lost. In time (and after fighting a strange forest/insect spirit) the party reached the Eladrin city of Mithrendain. There the party found out where they could find a portal that would take them back to the world outside the Nentir.

They traveled and things didn’t always go smoothly (a giant tree monster and a clever pair of gnome and troll con-men come to mind) but eventually they traveled through the portal and back out into the world on the other side of the Dawnforge mountains that so effectively cut off the Nentir.Unfortunately, the Mages of Al Hanir knew of this portal and had enchanted it to bring those that come through to them.

Deep in the dungeons of Al Hanir’s palace, the mages imprisoned the members of the league and prepared to sacrifice them for a ritual. Having none of that, the league escaped and defeated the mages in battle. It was only afterwards, in rummaging through the mages’ things and in interrogating the Baron of Al Hanir, that the league discovered the purpose of the mages’ ritualistic sacrifices.

The mages had discovered, in dusty tomes and forgotten ruins, the patterns of destruction wrought by the Tarrasque. They had determined that the Tarrasque was due to emerge soon and that it always rose in the Nentir. So it was that the mages choose to seal off the Nentir in the hopes of limiting the destruction of the great beast. However, the spell required regular sacrifices of sentient creatures, a grim necessity that the baron only condoned under the condition that none of the sacrifices come from his lands (which he considers larger than they actually are).



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