The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People

After the Beginning

With guidance from Thadus, the league set out to gather the keys. They set out for the halls of Saruun Khell, a secretive undergroud trading outpost that used to be a minotaur city. There, the party encountered The Mages of Saruun Khell. You learned that three of the five mages were away and that of the two that stayed, Paldemar had gone rogue. Through bringing him to justice, the league was able to get the first key, the eternal shifting flame.

When the three traveling mages (Sehlina, Warren and Tethys) returned, they explained that they had been investigating the magical isolation of the Nentir, and had discovered that the court mages of the city of Al Hanir were likely culprits or collaborators. The mages of Saruun Khell offered their assistance in obtaining the keys to the feywild portal.

And so, the league set out to acquire two more keys, while the mages hunted the fourth. Things went well for a time, until the league returned with the very last key to Thadus’ house in Fallcrest. You discovered that Warren and Tethys of the Mages of Saruun Khell had been murded, and Thadus kidnapped by the Goldwood Company. Needless to say, this ended up as a bad move for the Goldwood Company, as they fell to the League of Extraordinarily Gifted People. Aside from rescuing Thadus, and retrieving the keys, you discovered correspondence between Goldwood Company and a person named Azrinal in Al Hanir. It seemed that Goldwood had been selling people to Azrinal, and that this is what would have happened to the league if not for the storm that crashed the ship.



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