The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People

In the Beginning

The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People were making a name for themselves as troubleshooters in the town of Poobli. Then they were tricked and abducted by the rival Goldwood Company, who proved to be rather nefarious. After weeks at sea, The League came to, as the ship they were on fought against a storm that sent them crashing into the shores of an unknown land. They soon found out that this place was called the Nentir Realm and that it has been suffering from six years of magically imposed isolation. No one leaves alive.

After some time they collected some information, while helping out a local guardsman in the city of Harkenwold with a drug bust, they found out that the members of Goldwood company were on a second boat that crashed as well, though The League have yet to come across them. They also met a wizard in the town of Fallcrest named Thadus who believes one could travel out of the Nentir through a portal to the Feywild. Thanks to information collected at the abandoned home of Raneta Moss, the PCs know the location of a portal to the Feywild. But opening the portal requires four “keys” . . .



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