The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People

Tracking the Spiral

With the Black Spiral ambush taken care of, the League of Extraordinarily Gifted People gets the ritual components from Affryl, the store keeper of the Moonlight Nexus. Affryl also recommends they check the library at the White Lotus Academy for more information on Ithmong. Biri flew to the Wite Lotus Academy as fast as her wings would take her. Once there, Headmaster Marovic helped her discover that Ithmong was indeed an underground Illithid city that lay beneath an old human settlement just north of Theos’ Marsh. Dahalia carried out the scrying ritual on the The Black Godstone and witnessed the angelic woman taking it to a hag to have it enchanted to prevent further scrying. Not the best of news.

The party set sail from Port Ollington and found the Black Spiral Society’s landing dock near Theos’ Marsh and set fire to the boat that was docked there. In time they found the ruins of the old human town, under which Ithmong (or hopefully, it’s ruins) is supposed to lay. Through the crypts, the League has discovered passages that lead deeper and deeper below the earth, and that is where we have left off.

The Black Godstone - Taken!

You guys had come to a secluded monastary is the Melora Isles, where the black godstone of Ioun was hidden. You arrived on The Calamitous Zephyr, a pirate ship you obtained. You got to the island shortly after a group of Black Spiral Society agents did. With the guidance of some monks, you found the secret entrance into the heavily booby-trapped and mazey catacombs, got a key off the tongue piercing of a giant sleeping Guulvorg, who nearly chomped on one of you before you slipped through the door. Finally you battled it out with Zanindiethus and his lackeys. Although you were victorious in battle, the black godstone is nowhere to be seen. The only item of intrigue was an empty chest strapped to Zanindithus, around which Dahalia can sense a magical aura.

The monk Charrik Orittle proved to be a valuable ally. He explained that The Black Godstone was only protected from divination rituals while it lay in its chamber. He brought the party to a divination mirror and assisted in casting the ritual so that you may see the Godstone, wherever it may be.

What was seen:

You see it. A perfectly round, perfectly black stone about the size of a coconut. It’s cradled in a bowl filled with straw, which sits upon a desk. You see a woman sitting next to it, looking at it with great focus. She wears a beautifully ornate helmet and armor. From her back grow large, white, feathered wings.

The floor, walls and ceiling are all comprised of wooden planks. Coupled with the sound of water and the slight sway of the whole scene, it becomes apparent that it’s on a ship. The room is dimly lit by arcane candles. Also on the table are various papers and a small chest, a perfect match of the one used by Zanindiethus.

Two sheets are visible. One is partly obscured but it appears to be a map. There appears to be a number of waterways as well as a coastline. There are multiple routes or trails indicated but you don’t see the inland ends of them. The ocean-side ends however, all meet in one of two spots near the shoreline.

You hear someone knock on a door. The winged woman simply says “enter”. A robed and hooded man enters the room and speaks “Madam, we appear to have made a clean escape. Although, Zanindiethus and his men never returned.”

The woman seems to contemplate this for a moment before suddenly swinging her arm towards the small chest on the table, shattering it. The room falls silent until the woman speaks again “Members of the League still live then. We must proceed cautiously. The stone and I will travel separately. We’ll meet again at Ithmong.”

The woman puts the stone into a satchel around her waist, the man steps aside as she exits the room. Your view follows her and the stone as she steps out onto the deck of a large elemental-powered ship. Her wings unfold as she leaps into the air, as you see her climbing skyward the vision in the mirror dissapears.

Dahalia could tell the name was distinctly Illithid (a.k.a. Mind Flayer) in origin. She also knows that Mind Flayer outposts or cities are rare. Any Mind Flayer outpost in the region you might find information on, has a good chance of being the correct one.

The party traveled to Port Ollington, in order to conduct research into Ithmong, and to purchase components for another casting of the divination ritual. The city is crowded with refugees from Old Nerath including some newer arrivals from the northern Nerathi city of Ramshorn. The Tarrasque continues to destroy indiscriminately, gouging the landscape and wreaking cities. All attempts to stop or slow it have been wholly unsuccessful.

Upon inquiring about ritual components, you were pointed to a shop called Moonlight Nexus, run by an Eladrin named Affryl. As you arrived at the shop you noticed a hunched hooded figure leaning against a building. The figure convulsed, making guttural noises, drawing nearer you saw its twisted form was far from human. A portal opened as it finished its chant. The party was forced to once again fend off Black Spiral attackers. Sirron also fended off a disgruntled pie maker.

Back in Poobli

Sorry everyone, this entry is still being written.

Through the Feywild

Victorious, the league stepped through the portal into the Feywild and became the first souls to leave The Nentir since its isolation began. They then found themselves in the middle of a vast forest, completely lost. In time (and after fighting a strange forest/insect spirit) the party reached the Eladrin city of Mithrendain. There the party found out where they could find a portal that would take them back to the world outside the Nentir.

They traveled and things didn’t always go smoothly (a giant tree monster and a clever pair of gnome and troll con-men come to mind) but eventually they traveled through the portal and back out into the world on the other side of the Dawnforge mountains that so effectively cut off the Nentir.Unfortunately, the Mages of Al Hanir knew of this portal and had enchanted it to bring those that come through to them.

Deep in the dungeons of Al Hanir’s palace, the mages imprisoned the members of the league and prepared to sacrifice them for a ritual. Having none of that, the league escaped and defeated the mages in battle. It was only afterwards, in rummaging through the mages’ things and in interrogating the Baron of Al Hanir, that the league discovered the purpose of the mages’ ritualistic sacrifices.

The mages had discovered, in dusty tomes and forgotten ruins, the patterns of destruction wrought by the Tarrasque. They had determined that the Tarrasque was due to emerge soon and that it always rose in the Nentir. So it was that the mages choose to seal off the Nentir in the hopes of limiting the destruction of the great beast. However, the spell required regular sacrifices of sentient creatures, a grim necessity that the baron only condoned under the condition that none of the sacrifices come from his lands (which he considers larger than they actually are).

After the Beginning

With guidance from Thadus, the league set out to gather the keys. They set out for the halls of Saruun Khell, a secretive undergroud trading outpost that used to be a minotaur city. There, the party encountered The Mages of Saruun Khell. You learned that three of the five mages were away and that of the two that stayed, Paldemar had gone rogue. Through bringing him to justice, the league was able to get the first key, the eternal shifting flame.

When the three traveling mages (Sehlina, Warren and Tethys) returned, they explained that they had been investigating the magical isolation of the Nentir, and had discovered that the court mages of the city of Al Hanir were likely culprits or collaborators. The mages of Saruun Khell offered their assistance in obtaining the keys to the feywild portal.

And so, the league set out to acquire two more keys, while the mages hunted the fourth. Things went well for a time, until the league returned with the very last key to Thadus’ house in Fallcrest. You discovered that Warren and Tethys of the Mages of Saruun Khell had been murded, and Thadus kidnapped by the Goldwood Company. Needless to say, this ended up as a bad move for the Goldwood Company, as they fell to the League of Extraordinarily Gifted People. Aside from rescuing Thadus, and retrieving the keys, you discovered correspondence between Goldwood Company and a person named Azrinal in Al Hanir. It seemed that Goldwood had been selling people to Azrinal, and that this is what would have happened to the league if not for the storm that crashed the ship.

In the Beginning

The League of Extraordinarily Gifted People were making a name for themselves as troubleshooters in the town of Poobli. Then they were tricked and abducted by the rival Goldwood Company, who proved to be rather nefarious. After weeks at sea, The League came to, as the ship they were on fought against a storm that sent them crashing into the shores of an unknown land. They soon found out that this place was called the Nentir Realm and that it has been suffering from six years of magically imposed isolation. No one leaves alive.

After some time they collected some information, while helping out a local guardsman in the city of Harkenwold with a drug bust, they found out that the members of Goldwood company were on a second boat that crashed as well, though The League have yet to come across them. They also met a wizard in the town of Fallcrest named Thadus who believes one could travel out of the Nentir through a portal to the Feywild. Thanks to information collected at the abandoned home of Raneta Moss, the PCs know the location of a portal to the Feywild. But opening the portal requires four “keys” . . .


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